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The Comic

“Starting university in a new town, Mirko Melin wants nothing more than to chill with his maybe-soon-to-be-boyfriend but the bizarre world he finds himself in won’t seem to let him.”

The comic updates around Friday every week! Or that’s the idea anyway.

The Author

My name’s Olof Eneroth and I’m a 20-year-something Swedish comic-person. In the context of social media or forums I usually go by GOTLANDSKORV. On that note, if you want to keep up with the things I do then my tumblr is the place where it’s at. Also, if you want to contact me then you can send an email to eneroth.olof at gmail dot com!

The Water Boiler Saga

It is my naive ambition that Pretentious Fast Food Game will be the first installment in a series of comics with shared canon. Below is a brief list of pitches for other planned titles.

The Grand Water Boiler Heist Plot
“In a world of fake people, who can be trusted?”

Writer Shonen
“What does it REALLY mean to be a WRITER and DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES??!”

Phoneslinger Feud
“In the end, there’s no running from the past…”